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GPS CPD: Introduction to Polyethylene Pipe Systems

Our new accredited CPD presentation: An Introduction to Polyethylene Pipe Systems is now available. Designed to provide designers, specifiers and installers of pipe systems with an understanding of the features and benefits of Polyethylene (PE) pipes, this presentation is a must for anyone not familiar with the material.

We know there are still many individuals who work with pipe systems within the water and gas industries, but are not aware of the characteristics of PE pipes. This CPD presentation aims to provide an insight into PE pipes and their applications to ensure designers, specifiers and consultants can make informed choices in future pipeline specifications.

While participants will gain an overview of PE pipes, they will also take with them the knowledge of the specific properties of PE pipes and how these benefit both installation and lifetime performance of a PE system. The design considerations that need to be made when utilising a PE pipeline system will also be identified. Details of the standards and approvals that exist for PE pipes in the UK will be explained, along with the typical applications for PE pipes, demonstrated by case studies of systems in use.

The key learning outcomes that participants will take away with them include:

  • An understanding of the characteristics of PE pipes
  • The ability to recognise the performance values and benefits of PE pipes
  • Confidence in applying approaches to designing PE pipe systems
  • Knowledge of the key standards and approvals for PE pipes
  • An insight into typical applications for PE pipes

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