Our Environmental Performance

At GPS PE Pipe Systems we are committed to adopting and promoting environmental good practice throughout our business in order to operate in a sustainable manner.

The reduction of our environmental impacts and continuous improvement in our environmental performance are an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.

We strive to make efficient use of natural resources, including gas, electricity and water, and, in 2014, we generated over 140,000 kWh of electricity from the 458 solar panels on the roof of our factory. By using this renewable energy in our manufacturing process, we reduced our carbon emissions by 63.57 tonnes CO2.

Newly installed water-cooling pipework, combined with variable speed drive pumps, will reduce energy by preventing heat loss and enabling the pumping system to be controlled. It is estimated this will save up to 76,400 kWh of electricity, reducing our carbon footprint by 34 tonnes CO2.

Further factory enhancements during 2014 have added to the reduction in our energy usage. Two new extruders were fitted, designed to eliminate losses associated with belt drives and gearboxes, while insulated jackets are also being utilised on extruders and tooling to minimise heat loss. Effective operation of our heating management system also enabled us to reduce our gas consumption by 20% in 2014.

We are also delighted that we achieved our targeted reduction in waste to landfill in 2014 and, as a result, have set ourselves an ambitious target in 2015 for increasing the level of waste that we recycle.

BITC Carbon Positive Awards

Our environmental achievements have received public recognition through a Business in the Community Carbon Positive Award which we received in June 2010. This prestigious, peer-assessed award, run in association with the Financial Times, rewards companies that can demonstrate achievement in reducing energy consumption, minimising waste and maximising recycling opportunities. GPS was awarded joint first prize in the East of England region.

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