Our Environmental Performance

At GPS PE Pipe Systems we are committed to adopting and promoting environmental good practice throughout our business in order to operate in a sustainable manner.

The reduction of our environmental impacts and continuous improvement in our environmental performance are an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.

We strive to make efficient use of natural resources, including gas, electricity and water, and, in 2017, we generated more than 125,239 kWh of electricity from our solar panels, while our carbon emissions reduced by 500 tonnes CO2. We always strive to recycle our waste wherever we can and in 2017, we recycled 53% of our total waste, with the remaining 47% sent for energy recovery through incineration. .

Our commitment to operating an environmentally friendly business is also recognised by industry bodies. We are delighted to have achieved 100% Management System Evaluation and 100% On-site assessment scores for the environment category of our 2017 Achilles B2 Verify audit. Continually striving to reduce our carbon emissions year on year, in 2017 we retained our CEMARS Gold Certificate for reducing carbon emissions for more than 6 consecutive years.. 

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